Cultures in Movement

Multidimensional Training
by NA



Helping cultrures to move toghter. Culture in Movement is an NA Company established in Munich, Germany in 2016 with the vision of bringing cultures closer and training people to work together efficiently. We are continuously working on improving and moving forward, while developing our tool box, cultural knowledge and understanding.

The logo of culturesinmovement originates from East Asian symbolism. It consists of three elements representing the different cultures of our locations. It represents the harmony of a mutual and fluent movement.

Cultural consultancy

Our goals include, improving communication skills in an intercultural environment at the individual and the organizational levels, generating change and increasing acceptance of the other, and thinking comparatively about cultural configurations using a multicultural approach and self-reflection. We provide a multidimensional and comprehensive analysis.

Learning methodologies

Years of experience in training and teaching led us to build our methodological concept. We refer to it as the Learning Development Model (LDM). Applying this model enables us to give guidance and instruction in the global playground.


CIM X LMU . The main research project investigates questions of motivation, human relations and work environment, including the roles of culture and change. We strive to improve movement and outcomes in diverse cultural conditions.

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